3224 preorders and 3600 USD donated to The Asia Foundation

Among the many things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is that so many of you have been interested in my book.  This means a lot, because it’s a personal book as well as a draft of history. 
I promised that all royalties from pre-orders would go to the wonderful Vietnam programs of The Asia Foundation. I will deliver on that promise and donate $3600 to the foundation on behalf of all of you.  You preordered 3224 books, and I understand that many more have sold since the October 15 launch date.  
Thank you, thank you!!!
If you have a moment, would you be willing to share some of your thoughts on my book via a short review on Goodreads or Amazon?  It would help a great deal!
Below is a review by Kem Hunter on GoodReads: 
As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was keenly interested in the subject matter of this book. So had it been just another policy wonk book, that would have been OK. It turned out to be so much more… an intimate, highly anecdotal memoir of Ambassador Osius’ personal and professional life as an advocate for peace and reconciliation, rather than relying on coercion to pursue our national interests. He tells a compelling and inspiring story of how, thanks to the efforts of so many on both sides of the ocean, former enemies at war became friends, economic partners and allies. Mr. Osius played a key role in this decades long process. As I read his account, I could feel the love, the compassion and the integrity that he devoted to his life’s work while serving our country as a career diplomat.
This book is a must read for anyone looking for a better way to fix a broken relationship, or indeed, to keep it from breaking in the first place. His straightforward approach… being honest, showing mutual respect, building trust, and doing good things together… can be applied not just to foreign diplomacy, but to other relationships as well.